About me

My name is Yvonne but my Nickname is YvMalou. It's a combination from Yvonne and my better half Malou. She is an old choco labrador child and she is my everything in the whole world. Whithout her I couldn't survive.


Why i draw...

Drawing is a part of my life. My father was very talented and I started to draw with 15.  But not very long. I was not ready for this. 

Now...years later, after realizing that life does not like it so much when I experience happiness and love, I found two people, one of them saw me as I am. Since that day I follow my dreams no matter how impossible they are.

On many pictures these two persons are to be seen. I've decided to paint people who have inspired me and my life and continue to evolve.













I'm sorry for my bad English